03.16.14 (2:06 pm)   [edit]

Who's got by far the most advantage? A person which has a pistol or possibly a blade? You may believe the individual who has the firearm gets the most edge, since using a knife would generally demand you to be close to your attacker, getting you in more jeopardy. 

Nonetheless, this is not necessarily true. When you own a firearm that you're not willing to shoot another person with, and also your attacker has a knife, which he's absolutely willing to utilize to damage you -- the attacker has got the edge of the knife (he can harm you with it) and also the firearm (he can take it away from you). Learn techniques about martial arts and self defense from these friends of mine: judoworld and karatefun2. They have an interesting take on martial arts.

03.15.14 (9:43 am)   [edit]

Todays uniforms for kung fu seem to have lost their way when it comes to tradition. I have always thought of myself as a traditionalist and maybe even a classic kung fu stylist. I have seen way too many flashy uniforms and to me that does not show humility. And humility is such an important part of Kung-fu. 

So if you are out at a tournament let your techniques do the talking and not some fancy outfit. Wear a classic kung-fu uniform . This will tell the judges that you respect tradition and want to be judged on technique and not by the flashiness of your uniform! 

 a black uniform

03.15.14 (9:36 am)   [edit]

Here is one of my favorite pictures of a student of kung fu. 

kung fu 

01.13.14 (5:20 pm)   [edit]

I was not sure but I think the white karate uniform is a cross over and not the pull over like the other TKD gi's. I had to ask my instructor and he said that was correct. I am just starting karate training. I had experience in some other Chinese arts but never Japanese styles before. So the whole uniform thing is new to me. After class he gave me a site that I can go to to get one  http://www.tigerstrike.com/our-gear/karate-uniform-white/ and said it would not be too expensive.

I love this particular blog about karate: http://www.24fightingchickens.com it is humorous but informative if you have a few minutes to read it.


 Here you can see all the different names for the parts of the uniform. It is very interesting as the Chinese outfit does not have all those different pieces.


12.06.13 (1:29 pm)   [edit]

This is Rashad Evans explaining boxing. The traditional kind versus using it in MMA.

12.06.13 (1:28 pm)   [edit]
Many people who train in MMA also train in traditional western boxing. When a fight first takes place in the octagon or cage it always starts standing. Now of course it may not always stay that way but it does start that way. So it is wise to learn how to throw hands. And this is my specialty. I love to box. But to box in the cage you need to modify it a bit. You do not want to lean too heavily on the lead leg as your opponent will attempt a takedown.

So stay light on the feet and move around while throwing jabs to the face and body. Then when the opponent has had their brains scrammbled then you can lean in and throw som heavy blows.